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Hey there sports racers,

I’ve never reblogged anything before, but I thought that this was insanely cool.  Thanks to Tani at Sweet Gams! for making this happen.  This perception stuff is really fascinating.  Enjoy!


From Sweet Gams!:

Sound, Speech, Sine Waves, Perception, and our Brains.

This stuff is kind of hard to explain, but once you experience it, it will be very clear.

First, listen carefully to Sound Clip A. What does it sound like?
Now listen to Sound Clip B. Then, listen to clip A once again.

Crazy huh?

Here are a bunch more just like that, exact same procedure:
Clip A ——> Clip B
Clip A ——> Clip B
Clip A ——> Clip B
Clip A ——> Clip B

These are all from Matt Davis’s article An Introduction to Sine-Wave Speech.

Via the Music of Sound.


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Brainfart of the Week: Jim Pacillo

This one is just too easy.  The latest Brainfart of the Week award goes to Jim Pacillo, who recently introduced Joe Biden as John McCain at an Obama/Biden campaign rally.  At least the dude can laugh at himself.  Extra props for using the word “brainfart” at the end of the video.

CNN video can be seen here. I couldn’t post it directly, but it’s worth checking out.

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I hate to get into politics but…

this is just too good.  Seriously though, it seems like everyone is unleashing the haterade on poor little Sarah Palin.  Oh well.



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First Crush

Hey everyone,

I am currently working part-time for a new winery in New York City.  This past week was the winery’s first crush.

Crush is winemaking talk for the day that the grapes come in and are crushed (usually) and put in steel tanks for fermentation.  Crush, however, isn’t just an event.  It means a lot more.  It’s about celebrating the year’s harvest and hoping for the best. It’s about beginning the long road of winemaking that ends many months later at bottling.  Perhaps most importantly, it’s about a team who works their butts off trying to make a few tons of fruit into something beautiful.

Filmmaker B. Napa’s short film “Crush” may seem a little melodramatic to the uninitiated, but anyone who has ever worked in wine production will understand that the film’s weight is indeed justified.  He happens to also be pretty damn good at what he does and strings together a bunch of really beautiful images that show what crush means.  As the film says, crush is “a ritual of transformation and evolution, and we celebrate it.”  I think one of the strengths of “Crush” is its ability to really capture what crush and winemaking are all about.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Here’s to hoping for a good vintage.



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David Foster Wallace is Dead

In August 2004, as always, I received my monthly issue of Gourmet magazine.  I was working at the time as a counselor in Camp Moshava and added the magazine to the bathroom stash for myself and my campers to read.  I cherish my Gourmet subscription because in addition to its culinary appeal (and my possible crush on editor Ruth Reichl), it usually has some pretty good writing, especially in its features.

When I finally got to it, probably on hamburger day, I found a curious article called “Consider the Lobster” by a man who I had never heard of before named David Foster Wallace.  The article was a profile piece on the annual Maine Lobster Festival, and questioned the practice of boiling animals alive and eating them.  As much as I love my meat, the article was well written and extremely thoughtful.

Fast forward a few years.  My roommate (who happened to be my co-counselor in camp in July 2004 when that issue of Gourmet came out”) develops his own potential crush on a writer.  His was on David Foster Wallace.  I did not realize it until I saw his book, Consider the Lobster: and Other Essays that this was that guy who wrote the article in Gourmet that summer.  They tell me that his magnum opus, a novel called Infinite Jest, is undoubtedly one of the most important works in the postmodern canon.

David Foster Wallace, 1962-2008

David Foster Wallace hanged himself in his California home last Friday night.  It was undoubtedly a major loss to the literary world.

Here are my friend’s posts about David Foster Wallace from his blog.  I put the link there just so you can get an idea of what he meant to some of his fans.

Here is a piece from today’s New York Times about Wallace and his legacy.

As a small memorial, I am posting an excerpt of him reading what he calls “a brief chunklette” from the essay “Consider the Lobster” that I read in Gourmet magazine years ago.  From it, through his writing, offbeat thinking, and sharp observation, you will hopefully get an idea of what type of person he was.

This one’s for you, DFW.


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Mini Me?

This one reminds me of myself when I was a kid.  Heck, it reminds me of myself now.


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You Mean Actual Football Players Don’t Know How to Play Fantasy?

Quick post before the football season opens in about a half-hour.

A great video hit Youtube in which Chris Cooley and his Washington Redskins teammates draft their fantasy teams.  It’s amazing to see these guys not having a clue what they’re doing.  I had my draft earlier this week and anyone in my league would whoop these guys.

Now I hope to see them get romped by the defending champion New York Football Giants.  (And if you thoughtt it didn’t get any better, John Madden is calling the game.)

Happy football season!


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