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Spring Is Here Again…

Spring is a state of mind.  Or so I tell myself, anyway.  That’s why today, when the weather was just forgiving enough, I decided to wear short sleeves and sandals to make it official.  So despite my seasonal allergies that are just beginning to act up and sensitive eyes that make me squint in the morning sun, I walked outside along Amsterdam Avenue  feeling like today was the first carefree day of warm weather, sunny skies, and new life.   Although 55 degrees may not be quite warm, I got my own first taste of spring a little bit early.  It was totally worth the goosebumps.


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Googling Your Friends

Hey again sports racers!  After a long hiatus, I finally found inspiration to blog again.

Last night, one of my roommates began googling another one of my roommates, and wonderful things began to happen.  The following video is what came up.  I hope you enjoy it half as much as I did.  (For the impatient ones among us, you can skip the first minute and a half without missing anything.)

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Mini Me?

This one reminds me of myself when I was a kid.  Heck, it reminds me of myself now.


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Chinese Engrish

Just a quick post on this here Sunday morning.  With China in the spotlight on the brink of the Olympics, I thought this post was apropos.  It seems like China is trying to internationalize a little.  For some reason, I feel like it might take a while.

The following pictures are courtesy of and can be found here.  For a lot of these I see where they come from, but come on!  I would never even think about writing anything in a language that I’m not totally fluent in unless I got help from a native.  Apparently some people are not so cautious.




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