First Crush

Hey everyone,

I am currently working part-time for a new winery in New York City.  This past week was the winery’s first crush.

Crush is winemaking talk for the day that the grapes come in and are crushed (usually) and put in steel tanks for fermentation.  Crush, however, isn’t just an event.  It means a lot more.  It’s about celebrating the year’s harvest and hoping for the best. It’s about beginning the long road of winemaking that ends many months later at bottling.  Perhaps most importantly, it’s about a team who works their butts off trying to make a few tons of fruit into something beautiful.

Filmmaker B. Napa’s short film “Crush” may seem a little melodramatic to the uninitiated, but anyone who has ever worked in wine production will understand that the film’s weight is indeed justified.  He happens to also be pretty damn good at what he does and strings together a bunch of really beautiful images that show what crush means.  As the film says, crush is “a ritual of transformation and evolution, and we celebrate it.”  I think one of the strengths of “Crush” is its ability to really capture what crush and winemaking are all about.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Here’s to hoping for a good vintage.




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3 responses to “First Crush

  1. Avi

    it’s about a team who works their butts off trying to make a few tons of fruit into something beautiful

    As the grandson of a wholesale fruit distributor, I am offended by your assertion that a few tons of fruit isn’t, itself, beautiful.

  2. Avi

    Also, I thought that movie was totally overrated; it was just this overly simplistic portrayal of race, with no real insight into anything of even moderate importance. Brokeback Mountain totally should have won Best Picture in 2005.

  3. WTG

    Good luck with it I.T.!!

    Look forward to reading more about the inaugural crush…

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