Why I Love Hockey Players

August sucks for a hockey fan.

The rest of the year is fine.  In September you’ve got the preseason tuneups,  October-April is hockey season, and the postseason takes you through June.  Even July has free agency.  August’s got nothing.

As a diehard Rangers fan with nothing better to do in this season forsaken by the hockey gods, I’ve been snooping around the internet for anything to get my hockey fix.  Today I found some videos that capture why hockey players are the coolest sportsmen on the planet.  (Except maybe those guys from the World’s Strongest Man competiton.  What would a troubled soul do without them on ESPN2 at 3:00 AM?  But I digress…)

Hockey players are so down to earth and approach every situation with that classic good-natured Canadian humor.  Case in point: Brendan Shanahan.

This New York Times article from last December compares the Knicks and Rangers players.  Shanny caps it off with a great quote.

Most of the Rangers live in Manhattan; the Knicks largely stay in Westchester County. Many Rangers ride the subway to the Garden. When they drive to practice here, they enter the same secure players parking lot as the Knicks do, parking their Land Rovers and BMWs alongside the Knicks’ flashier cars, a collection that includes a Bentley.

“You see a lot of Rolls-Royces down there, big trucks with nice tires and rims on them,” Rangers forward Ryan Hollweg said. “A lot of that has to do with their salaries, and how different they are as well.”

As forward Brendan Shanahan added: “The difference is, we’re in parking spaces and they just park anywhere. We actually park in the lines. They just pull up to the door and get out of the car.”

The coolest thing about hockey humor is that it comes from guys who are tough as nails.  I’m talking get your face smashed open, get it stitched up–no anesthetic, of course–and come back for the next period.   This Verizon commercial puts it nicely:

Take a look at the above-mentioned Ryan Hollweg.  On the ice, he’s a grisly monster you don’t want to mess with:

and off the ice he’s a big goofball who plays in an airband and dances around in a jockstrap:

Nothing against other sports players, but my hat goes off to hockeymen.

Just one more bonus Shanahan video from a long series of funny ESPN hockey commercials before I sign off.

Patiently waiting for hockey season to start again,




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2 responses to “Why I Love Hockey Players

  1. shua

    Does it also bother you that it should really be World’s Strongest Man of the Year? (also greatest name ever: Magnus Vermagnuson)

  2. Avi

    My basketball coach in high school had a similar rule for us: no tuba practicing on game day. He said it was too distracting.

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