What I’m doing:

Every so often, I plan on sharing what I’ve been doing or thinking about at that time.  Here goes run one…

What I’m reading:

The Accidental Connoisseur by Lawrence Osborne. I recently began working as the Manhattan sales manager for an importer of French wines.  I met with the lady who runs the operation the other day and she recommended this book.  Osborne is a British guy who journeys through the world’s wine regions on a mission to figure out what the deal is with wine.  She said it was a great book and The New York Times seems to agree.

What I’m eating:

Funny enough, lots of fake meat.  Not that I eat less real meat; more like just in between my eatings of real meat, I eat more fake meat than usual.  I really like them Smart foods made by Lightlife, especially the bacon and sausage ones.  Strongly recommended.

What I’m watching:

The Office, Season 3 DVD.  Like everyone else in America, I’ve always enjoyed watching The Office, but I’ve never really followed the plot and watched entire seasons beginning to end.  Enter Netflix.  They have the first three seasons streaming online for members (like myself) and I’ve spent a good portion of the past week plowing through them like a Gilbert Brown through hot butter.  Okay, maybe I’m mixing my metaphors, but in any event, I’ve been watching a helluvalotta this show.

What I’m listening to:

This one’s a little tricky.  I’ve been listening to a lot of stuff, especially Counting Crows, Maroon 5, and Sara Bareilles in preparation for their concert in Bethel, NY in two weeks (totally psyched).  The other day, however, VH1 aired their countdown of the top 100 songs of the 1990s (the full list can be found here) and I got to watch about half of it.  I’ve got to hand it to VH1 for a job well done.  I don’t think I even said “what the hell” more than twice.  They brought me back to places that I haven’t been since, well, 1990 with old classics like Kris Kross’s “Jump,” M.C. Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This,” Deee-Lite’s “Groove Is In the Heart,” and other lost tunes that you can’t hear anywhere on the radio anymore.

I think my favorite blast from the Zach Morris era was The Digital Underground’s “The Humpty Dance.”  Watch the video above.  It’s so weird and quirky in a really playful and fun way that you just don’t find in hip hop anymore.  It also gave people an excuse to say “do the humpty-hump,” which is always a good thing.

[Other favorite phrases popularized by songs on the countdown include “Wiggedy-wack” from Kris Kross, “Gettin’ Jiggy With It” courtesy of Will Smith, “Zigazig ha” from The Spice Girls, Hanson’s “MmmBOP!” and Marcy Playground’s “Disco Lemonade.”  Ahhh, the 90s!  Good times…  As a tribute to the 90s, try to use some of the phrases above in conversation over the next few days and see what happens.]

Alright, y’all biscuitheads.  That’s all I’ve got for now.

Until next time, keep doing what you like.




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2 responses to “What I’m doing:

  1. fake meat sucks!
    and maroon 5 does as well.
    but welcome to the blogging world. it’s always nice to have newcomers

  2. Jenn Shuldiner

    woohoo itoke has a blog!

    and ps u can also snack on real meat

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