So this is what the inside of a blog looks like…

I’m almost embarrassed to be such a latecomer to the cyberparty, but I’ve never had a blog before.  Well, that might not be 100% accurate.  About two years ago I had a photoblog that I had to keep for my college photography class.  I think I made it about 4 posts in before I abandoned it.  What I really mean then is more like I have never had a personal blog before.

So why a blog and why now?  Lately I have been thinking a lot about all sorts of things, about art and movies and food and sports and music and people and life, and have told myself that if I had a blog some of these ideas would make pretty good posts.  I guess thats where this blog–and whosoever ends up reading it– comes in.

In some ways, I guess the blog is the diary of our generation.  Only instead of keeping it all in a book, it’s to share with the whole world.  On one hand, there’s something remarkably empowering about the idea, but on the other, the concept and its popularity seem to say something about us if so much of our personal lives and thoughts are out floating on the open waves of cyberspace for whomever stumbles upon it to see.  It kind of reminds me of that dream that every kid has of getting up to present a book report or whatever in their underwear.  Then again, I guess some kids like that sort of thing.  I’m not saying whether I think that the publicity of our private lives is a good or bad thing, but in any case it definately seems to say something very telling about the world in which we all blog.

’nuff said for now.  Welcome to my blog.  I hope it lasts, but knowing myself, who knows?  So stay tuned for more.

Until then, I leave you with this.




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2 responses to “So this is what the inside of a blog looks like…

  1. Avi

    One post in and you’re already publishing pictures of kids in their underwear. If this is any indication of the future nature of this blog, count me in.

    PS: Welcome to the club.

  2. winetastingguy

    Good luck with it Tokedawg!!!

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